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You can find me on Instagram, see behind photo shoots on YouTube and in case you need an outstanding photo for your next career jump head over to LinkedIn.

About me

I’m Yves, a passionate photographer from Switzerland who loves to create extraordinary photos. In a world where everybody has a camera in his pocket, special photos still stand out and are valued for years to come.

I prefer standing behind the camera instead of being the model. But to show you what can be done in the right place at the right time, I boldly place the camera into the river Sense. A selfie of a different kind, but who wants a “normal” photo anyway?

I am travelling trough Switzerland to turn my ideas into reality. Maybe I’ll have the next adventure with you? We could make a light painting with the Matterhorn as our canvas during a cloudless night, race down a ski slope with burning torches or go surfing in the Alps. Not even the sky is the limit.



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