creative portraiture - with you in the spotlight

Do you want an unforgettable photo shoot? Just contact me for your next adventure. Together we experience a memorable event that you can either show to your loved ones or everybody around the globe.

I’m looking forward hearing about your ideas. Together we will spice them up a notch and turn them into reality.


My photographic philosophy is simple: I want to capture the moment so that the subject looks great and a story is told to the viewer.

I’ll transform any location in an ideal studio and use the available light if necessary in combination with additional light sources. Some motifs look better in black and white, others need the brilliant colours to shine.

The retouch process in the digital darkroom is an integral part of creating a extraordinary photo. But I rather prefer  spending my time taking photos than using an image editing software. That’s why I’ll do whatever is necessary to get as close as possible to the final result directly in camera.

my outdoor-studio: Switzerland

From sunrise through the streets and forests to evening events that round off the day: I like to be out and about and shoot photos as often as possible.